Fifth Element Camping
Fifth Element Camping


Frequently asked Questions and Answers



How much does it cost?

Each system is built by hand, to order, in Asheville, North Carolina. Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. Please see each Component for pricing & deposit requirement. Use the following products link and click on each photo for more information, Honda Element Micro Camper System.

What are the payment options?

Each component requires a minimum deposit to begin building with the final payment due at or before pickup. We accept Visa (credit and debit cards), MasterCard (credit and debit cards), American Express, Discover (US merchants only), PayPal & Apple Pay.

Is the install of the Micro Camper permanent?

No, our modular removable system installs without permanent mounts or modifications to the Element. Less than 10 minutes to install or remove.

How many passengers can I carry?

Two with the full system installed. Only the front seats are available for travel with seat belts. Please see next question for 3rd passenger option.

Can I carry a 3rd passenger?

Yes, by removing our Cabinet and installing an Element rear seat. The Bed/Bench will fully function while parked with the third passenger seat folded up to the wall.

Do you offer DIY or build your own versions?

No, we do not offer plans of our products.

Can I buy individual units of the system?

Yes, Four separate Components are available.

Are the products fully assembled?

Yes, each product is fully assembled and ready for install.

How easy is it to install?

Very easy, if you can remove your rear Element seats, you can install our system. It uses a similar bracket to connect to the Elements rear seat connections. The entire install takes less than 10 minutes.

Can one person install the Honda Element Micro Camper System?

Yes, the heaviest single component is about 43lbs.

Will you install it for me at pickup?

Yes, we will go over the install and removal process. The install takes less than 10 minutes. Please remove your rear seats and leave them at home when you come for pickup.

Will the Cabinet & Desktop work with an existing platform I built?

Maybe, the Storage Cabinet & Desktop requires access to the drivers side rear seat connection for install. If your platform is covering this area you will not be able to install our cabinet. If your platform is supported from the floor and not using the rear seat connection areas for support you will likely be able to install our Cabinet.

How much does it weigh?

164lbs for a complete system. Removing the Camp Kitchen & Sideboard (38lbs) brings the Systems weight to 127lbs. This is what we usually have in our Element on a daily basis. The rest of the Components; Bed/Bench (43lbs), Storage Cabinet & Desktop (34lbs), Camp Kitchen & Sideboard (38lbs), Center Console (16lbs), Rear Storage Boxes (16lbs), Front Seat Platforms (20lbs). The original Honda Element rear seats are 43lbs each. Removing both will net you 86lbs.

Where can I see one in person?

Check our Events & Media page here: Events & Media

What models and years of the Honda Elements does it work with?

It will work with every Element made from 2003-2011. The install of our Center Console requires removal of the Element's original center console and armrests. Our Center Console is designed to stay in the Element at all times, but is removable. The rest of our system requires zero modifications to the Element for install or removal. Our system can be transferred from Element to Element or removed and stored at home.

Does this system work in other vehicles?

No it is designed specifically to work with the Element. We are currently looking at other vehicles.



Do you offer shipping?

Yes. Shipping is available in the Continental United States. Completed orders can also be picked up from our shop in Asheville, North Carolina.

What are the Shipping options?

We ship with FedEx and recommend picking it up from your local FedEx Freight Center. To find the location nearest you click here and search by state or zip code. Delivery to your business or home adds $100-$175 to the shipment. We highly recommend picking it up form your local FexEx Freight Center to save on additional fees. Once your shipment arrives, FedEx will load the entire box directly into your Element. The rear seats must be removed ahead of time for the Freight Box to fit inside the Element.

How much is Shipping?

The entire Fifth Element Camping micro camper system fits conveniently in the small size 'flat rate' Freight Box offered by FedEx Freight which allows us to ship a whole system at a very reasonable rate.

We can ship any combination of components including a single component. However, shipping components separately requires constructing a custom shipping crate and, because these are non 'flat rate' boxes they become significantly more expensive (roughly equal to the cost of shipping an entire system). We encourage our shipping customers to order multiple components to take advantage of the better shipping rate.

A $99 handling and packing fee is added to all orders.

  • Shipping for ONLY the Center Console & Trays: $50 to $150
  • Shipping for ONE of the following: Bed/Bench, Storage Cabinet or Camp Kitchen: $150 to $375
  • Shipping for a FedEx Freight box that will fit the entire system: $150 to $375
  • Plus a $99 handling and packing fee.

Totals $149 to $474 based on components and distance from our Shop in Asheville, North Carolina. Prices includes tax, fuel surcharge and subject to change.




Do you make or install Pop Tops?

We DO NOT make or install the Ecamper pop-top. For more information on this product please contact Ursa Minor Vehicles.