Best Single serve system

Make a great cup of espresso at camp or home. We purchased an optional reusable stainless steel filter that makes this easy to use system even better. This is a very compact little system & with the reusable filter you really only need the plunger part of the system (seen at the left side of the photo). The measuring cup, stir, funnel & filters can stay at home.

If you own an AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker, quite buying disposable filters & purchase this reusable steel filter. Easily washes off and makes the pack size smaller since you don't need to bring extra filters.

Coffee for two

This new coffee press is similar to a french press, but instead you press the coffee pod through the water. It is easier to clean than a french press, made of shatter resistant BPA free plastic & makes a great cup of tea. I do wish it was larger for the price, at only 12oz, it takes too long to serve more than two people. The process is also not for anyone in a hurry, after filling the pod with coffee & the double walled container with hot water, you push the pod into the water letting the coffee soak for a minute or two. Then as slowly as possible (minimum two minutes) you push the pod to the bottom. It is satisfying to watch & the coffee is well worth the effort.

Coffee for the whole group

Make a great coffee at camp or home. This BPA free plastic French Press is nearly indestructible & perfect for camp. The included insulation sleeve keeps your coffee warm. The 30 oz size makes it great for larger groups.

Best all-in-one system

Works just like a French Press in your Jetboil cup. Available in two sizes (both are available through this link) $10 for the the single sever sizes & $13 for the larger group size JetBoils. We no longer use this, we prefer to keep the JetBoil free for other uses. However if you're looking for a compact all in one system, add this to your JetBoil.

From coffee to mixed drinks, this is our go to mug. Keeps drinks cold or hot with a no sweat design. They are more convenient to pack than other mugs with handles. The double-wall vacuum insulation means your hands won't feel the heat or cold.