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Fifth Element Camping

Honda Element Micro Camper System







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Custom Cushions

Custom Cushions



To order please see our Pre-Order page

Add the $445 Custom Cushions


Please see the Pre-Order page for zero down payment information.

Sleep and sit on custom cushions designed for our system.

  • removable & washable
  • 2" high density foam
  • abrasion resistant
  • waterproof
  • no stretch
  • fade resistant
  • four Fifth Element Camping logos
  • full bed 48"W x 80.5"L
  • single bed 27.5"W x 80.5"L
  • bench 36"L x 20.5"W

The Custom Cushions are designed to work in three different ways with our system. On the Bench, Single Bed and Double Bed. There are a total of eight cushions with the four largest the same size and interchangeable. This allow you to leave two of the large cushions at home if you are planning to use only the single bed. All of them have two strips of Velcro sewn onto them to keep them in place for travel and while you sleep.

Where do they all store for travel?

Two attached to the Front Seat Platforms riding on the back of the front seats.

Two on the Bench

Four smaller cushions all store behind the bench back. Two of those cover the rear storage boxes, one covers the Camp Kitchen/Gap Filler and one stays in place filling the space between the wall and the bench back.

Please note the following

There is a gap between the optional Front Seat Platforms. This space is filled by our Center Console and Camp Kitchen. We include, at no charge, a gap filler that sits in place of the Camp Kitchen for any order that includes both the Bed/Bench & Center Console. This gap filler also allows owners of the Camp Kitchen to leave it setup outside while still having either the Single or Double bed setup.

To make either the Single or Double bed you'll need to fully recline one or both of the front passenger seats.

This add-on requires additional work to the main component and is only available at time of purchase of the Bed/Bench. It will not be available for purchase at a later date.

Build the Honda Element Micro Camper you want with our modular system. Each of the four components work alone and in combination with the other components.

Each component is built by hand, to order, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Components are fully assembled ready for install.

Complete install or removal is less than 10 minutes without any permanent modifications to the Element

Drive away and camp that night.

The Four Components

(available individually or as a package)

Storage Cabinet & Desktop

*Bed/Bench & Storage Boxes*

Camp Kitchen & Sideboard

Center Console & Tray

Individually all four components are....$6830.00

Buy all FOUR & save..............................-$835.00

Four component package deal.........$5995.00


*Three Add-ons available*

(available individually or as a package)

Custom Cushions

Front Seat Platforms

Bike Fork Mount

Individually all three Add-ons are....$735.00

Buy all THREE & save......................-$235.00

Three add-on package deal..........$500.00


The complete package price is $6495.00 after both package discounts


*All three Add-ons require purchase of the Bed/Bench to which they are added*

*The add-ons require additional work to the Bed/Bench and are only available at time of purchase. They are not be available for purchase at a later date.

Package deal discounts will be reflected in the invoice sent out after pre-order. The discount will be applied to your final payment.

Only available for pickup in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Shipping is currently not available.

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This removable camping system* takes less than 10 minutes to install or remove, without modification to your Honda Element**.

Turn your Honda Element into a micro camper for two*** in minutes. Remove the system, reinstall the rear seats and you have a daily driver that seats four.

*Please see notes at bottom of this page*

**Please note, however, that the Element's original center console and armrests must be removed for complete install, basic socket set tools required. This installation is easily reversed should the owner wish to install the system in another Element or return the car to its original configuration

**When the complete system is installed the Honda Element only has two seat belts located on the Front seats. Our modular system allows a single Rear seat to be installed (instead of the cabinet) allowing travel for three passengers. The rear seat can be configured to allow full use of the Bed/Bench.

Together all FOUR components weigh approximately 125lbs.

*All photos and videos are of prototype builds*