This hitch rack is nearly perfect. It accommodates a wide variety of mountain  bikes from 20-29" wheels & tires up to 4.8". Loading and uploading bikes is a breeze & the integrated cable lock is a plus, but only a deterrent to a determined thief. One of the more unique features of this rack is the work stand that quickly ratchets & rotates to grab seat posts or frames. You can add an additional 2 bike tray to carry 4 bikes. It also tilts down with a push of your foot to allow access to the rear of your vehicle. The only two things we dislike (we are nitpicking here) are the weight (52lbs) & that the Element tailgate rests on it when tilted down. Don't let these sway you from  purchase, it's the most solid hitch rack we have ever used & works as advertised on the on the Element. We fixed the tailgate issue with the Element by adding a hitch extension.

A light weight low profile versatile rack we use on top of our Ecamper, available in six colors. Not a ton of features to list, but it matched our white Ecamper top & was much lighter than the other racks we looked at. It's just a solid rack that meet our needs & was reasonably priced.

This is the Bike Fork Mount we use in our micro system, quick & secure loading of your ride. It includes multiple sleeves to fit different sized axle's. The added lock is just one more way to protect your ride.

A premium MTB stand with a compact folding design. Please note, this stand requires a hollow crankset of 24, 30 or 10mm. We used to haul a full sized stand which is much sturdier than this, but took up a ton of room. The Hex is more than adequate for our needs on the road and is our go to travel stand.