The perfect ladder for accessing the Ecamper from outside, a roof rack or hard to reach cargo box. The one small issue we have with the design is the flat rungs. Once leaned over for use, your feet land on the edge of each step vs a flat surface.

Add this to your ladder order to prevent it from scratching your Element or whatever you lean it against. This is an expensive solution, but the fit and finish was well worth the purchase for us.

The perfect tie down kit, easy to adjust, holds tight & the reflective nylon cord is highly visible at night. Once you use a Figure 9 you'll never use anything else.

All the features of the Figure 9 with the added bonus of a carabiner clip, available in two sizes. We use these mostly with a tarp, connecting the clip to a grommet, but you'll find endless uses for them.

This is our axe of choice for camping. Made in America out of a single piece of steel. The rubber handle feels great and reduces  impact vibration.

This inexpensive digital indoor temperature & humidity monitor will keep track of you interior highs & lows.

On the subject of humidity, this batter free inexpensive device will help pull unwanted moisture from the air in your home on the road.

Convenient & compact leveling blocks that connect like Legos. If you are sleeping in a vehicle you should defiantly own these.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! This handy tool let's you safely punch holes in Isobutane canisters, which allows you to recycle it. Works with JetBoil Jetpower & certain other brands of butane fuel canisters. Do it right- CrunchIt™ !