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Fifth Element Camping

Keep it Cool

You don't need any of these to camp, but if you want things cold (beer, drinks, & food) and yourself cool, we've got you covered.

Keep It Cool

You don't need any of these to camp, but if you want things cold (beer, drinks, & food) and yourself cool, we've got you covered.

Shade is a must in the summer and with a TARP & POLES you’ll have it anywhere want. Unlike ez-ups and framed shade shelters, this tried and true two part systems is versatile, light weight & packs down small. Ultimately any tarp & poles will work, but these are the ones we use.

This tarp is a great value and has a bonus center connection/loop that you can hang a light from or pull from the outside to keep rain from pooling. Along with reinforced corners this tarp includes quality guyline, stakes & stuff sacks.

Chill Gorilla

These Kelty poles are adjustable (80-99”) and much taller & sturdier than other poles which are usually only 72”. In heavy rain & sun, adjusting the height can make all the difference. These poles are around $30 each & we suggest two of them. You can use a stationary object such as your vehicle, tree or the ground for the other two corners.

Camped at our first Overland Expo East 2015

For those of you with an Ecamper or similar roof top tent, we use these to secure the tarp to the pop top. These simple clamp with grip feet hold the tarp without issue. We recommend this 4 pack to keep it gap free and taught.

Irwin Tools

Camping in the heat can be unbearable. outside of a full blown air conditioner, this little rechargeable (with included USB) fan does the trick. Three features set this one a part for the bunch, the Grip Clamp, Timer & endless swivel for any angle.


 Our go to cooler for all occasions. This thing is impressive and extremely comfortable to carry. The zipper is a bit tough to open, but when closed, it's completely air tight and will not leak.

This inexpensive cooler is pretty nice and we use it quite often. The one complaint is the handle. Even with light loads it flexes & feels like its about to break. At this price we are OK with that. We often bring both of these coolers, this one stays in the car with food & the Yeti travels outside with drinks.

Make ice bricks at home for your cooler with silicone bread pans. A more convenient size and faster freeze time compared to a full sized ice block. The flexible silicone make it easy to pop out the frozen brick. This two pack makes bricks 9"L x 4"W x 2"H

Silicone Designs

We use these everyday, 18/8 stainless steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation, and no sweat. You'll find knock offs for less, but the quality of the lid, seal & construction make the Yeti worth the extra money.

A screw on top locks the can in & keeps it cold. We have even found some bottles that fit inside like our go to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Toss those foam koozies & treat yourself

Sleeping bags are great in the Fall & Winter, but when the hear is with you all night this affordable technical fabric will keep you cool and comfortable.